Welcome to Lia Life Science

Corporate Profile

homeLia Life Sciences started its journey in 2009 with humble beginning in Tamilnadu. Our Headquarter is at Chennai. We have dominant presence in Tamilnadu and expanded our wings to Kerala as part of our expansion programme. Currently our staff strength exceeds 95.

Lia Life Sciences is a multi-specialty health care company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing innovative pharmaceuticals that enable people to live life to its greatest potential and ensuring them to realize their dream by way of healthy living. We ensure that our products offer better quality, affordable price and readily available to our esteemed customers. We impart knowledge and ensure that the latest developments in this field reachour patrons at the earliest.


  • Bring Good Life to our beloved patients.
  • To achieve milestones in IPM journey to raise as a strong domestic pharma company.
  • Strategically poised to make a foray into international markets.
  • To offers best quality products at reasonable price.
  • To become the most appreciated pharmaceutical company by medical fraternity & all channel partners.


  • To offer products & services with proven quality & standard.
  • To maintain high degree of human values with professional approach.
  • Create holistic environment for our internal customers to WORK, EARN & GROW as a team.
  • To meet the expectations of our valuable customers, suppliers with ethics.
  • Abiding by the Laws, Rules & Regulations of our industry.

We have highly committed dedicated Administrative as well as Field staff to ensure in serving our patrons with the best quick around time.

We have diversified portfolio that comprises of Cardiology, Diabetes, Gastroenterology, neurology, psychiatrics and general products.

We had tied up with companies that vouch by state of art technology like Swiss Garnier and Akums to garner the latest discovery with ease of delivery of the active drug.


Our Products

  • dothix
  • liser
  • olaniz-md
  • qutip-sr
  • rezidone-1
  • zypam
  • zital
  • zital-ls
  • aaa
  • divalz-er
  • dpark-2
  • dvert
  • nitaz
  • sovol
  • zemidep
  • propanal-tr-40
  • clopicor
  • cormet-sr
  • endolip
  • endolip-f
  • lozat
  • lozat-h
  • nebizar-5
  • ozarb-20-40
  • ozarb-am
  • ozarb-h
  • ramz
  • telo
  • telo-am
  • telo-h
  • zupito-r
  • zupito-r-f
  • raliz
  • raliz-d
  • paliz-40
  • paliz-d
  • anoparin
  • antace
  • antace-gold
  • betagly
  • betagly-m
  • glufor-forte
  • insujet
  • insujet-mf
  • lobimet-sr
  • pregain-m
  • aaa
  • antace-4g
  • cloniz-md
  • dreamer
  • ecosulp
  • livla-ds
  • lizet
  • obio
  • ogliz
  • ogliz-m
  • onw-d3
  • oxypin-dt
  • walk-ho
  • winega
  • zampral
  • zeclo-p
  • ztz